I'm a workin' Girl ;)

It's official.... I have a job!! I have accepted the offer and began training this past week at Bourbon Street Bar and Grill located on restuarant row, right next to Times Square.

It's a New Orleans themed eatery that I have found to be extremely pleasant. The people that I am working with are wonderful, and they have all been so generous and helpful. The restuarant is split into 3 sections. The bottom floor is a bar/ lounge, while the top floor serves as the actual restuarant area. There is also a back porch patio on the upper mezzanine (as they call it) as well.

It will be a challenge to work on the bottom floor, seeing how most of the service I will be doing will be cocktailing. I don't know much about alcohol- but am learning quickly; jeez there is a lot to learn!

What really has impressed me are the managers. There are 2 main General managers who are simply delightful. They are understanding, complimentary and truly want you as a server to be the best you can be. I've never waited tables in a place where the managers were so supportive of their staff.  It's a relief.

I'm not saying the place is perfect.... but I am saying for the first time since my first little job at Coldstone Creamery in Cary NC, I left work happy. And considering waiting tables is not even close to what I really want to be doing, that's saying a lot :)

Cheers to what will hopefully be a great experience!

Here's the website if you wanna take a look


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