The times they are a' changin.

Bob Dylan said it best. The times are always a' changing. 

For a woman who has hated change her entire life, I have begun to grow accustomed to it's inevitability. I was quickly reminded of this concept yesterday while helping two of my best friends move into their apartment in Astoria, Queens. 

Josh and Raynor have been dating for awhile and I have been blessed to witness their lives progressively change- for the better. I watched them fall in love, I helped Josh pick out the engagement ring, I saw them deal with the stresses of being engaged and planning a huge wedding themselves, and I was there to witness and humbly participate in their wedding. I was there for the first dance, the reception, and the exit to the honeymoon . Not even 2 weeks later I was helping them set up their first apartment together as husband and wife. 

As I pulled items out of the moving truck I stopped for a moment to take in the significance of what was happening. As a child or a young adult these are moments you dream of: meeting the love of your life, getting married, and starting a life together. When you so closely observe the beauty of this progression, you realize how simple it really is. Isn't it funny that the events that we dream of the most in our lives are usually the smallest and most intimate? 

I felt a little of this when I graduated from college. It was the day i'd been waiting for for 5 years and suddenly after a 45 min. ceremony- it was over. There was no Hollywood orchestrated score behind it, or dramatic scenes with proclamations of love. Instead it was simple. I've always expected that so dramatic of a change deserved a dramatic send off; yet what i've come to realize is, it wasn't the change that I was unable to wrap my head around, it was the simplicity of the moment.

I think this is the point i'm getting at. Life is simple. Change is simple. The reason people grow so hateful of change is because they complicate it with their preconceived notions of their own future. We can actually do ourselves a service if we focus more on living in the moment and enjoying the simplicity of life, than complicating the future for ourselves. 

I have more respect for these life changing events now, than anticipation. I am no where near getting married or starting a life with my future spouse- but I cannot wait to meet him. I cannot wait to be able to experience more of these intimate moments in life. The lesson though, is not to focus on 'how happy I will be when I finally find the love of my life', but how I can find ways to be happy now.

I'm so grateful that God has put people like Josh and Raynor into my life, who show me the significance of simple love, and who allow me to share in their new adventures with them.


  1. I so agree with you honey...change is hard. But change can almost always be for the better...it is all about perspective. One day you may be upset by the changes and the next you realize that God made that change because you did not have the strength to make it yourself. It was a beautifully complex topic but I absolutely loved your simple resolve :)

  2. How true! Courtney...I'm seriously re-evaluating my life over here!!