Cheers for a New Year!

I'm not quite sure what boggles my brain more; the fact that another year has already passed by, or the idea of what this new year can hold in store.

Last year was difficult, and by no means a year I would be dying to repeat. However, I learned a lot from it and I felt in the end, it served it's purpose. Now the idea of 2010 is really exciting to me. I've never been this excited about a year before. Everyone seems to think that 2010 is their year. As if the 'gods' somehow decided this was the year of fruitful blessings for all. 

Herein lies the problem with New Year's Resolutions. We somehow feel that we are entitled to a sudden desire/urge to become successful as soon as the clock strikes midnight. This is what I have failed to focus on in the past: what am I going to do to make this year better than the last. 

I have the power to make this year great- no one else. I have the control to keep the promises I make to myself- no one else. That's why this year I want to strive to simply do what I say i'm going to do. No excuses, no white lies to get out of things. I'm going to follow through on things I have control over.

I am filled with optimistic anticipation for the future. This year will be grand, because I am going to treat myself the way I deserve to be treated. I will stand up for myself, and not allow others to wrong me. I absolutely LOVE COURTNEY 2010 :)

Happy New Year!

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