When Life gives you lemons.....

Upon entering this 'lifestyle' change that I am very excited about, my taste buds were doing anything but jumping for joy.

Seriously. Going from a life of fast food, rich foods, junk foods and all around great tasting foods- to steel cut oats, nonfat yogurt, chicken breast, veggies and hummus- makes your taste buds want to kill you.

This is why I have been so thrilled and finding a little joy I like to call lemons. Lemons squeezed over top of ANYTHING enhances their already dull tastes. Lemons contain:

Vitamin C- 45mg
Calcium- 22mg
Carbohydrates- 7.8g
Protein- .9g

Also, drinking a glass of water with lemon in it when you wake up in the morning naturally cleanses your body- hypes up your metabolism, and gets your body alert for the day!

When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade (it has too much sugar)- just use it on EVERYTHING you eat!

p.s. I have now lost 15lbs since I started this new lifestyle, and that is alone from eating healthy. It's time to start taking care of our bodies people!!!


The shrinking game....

It all started with an email forwarded to me by my roommate Lauren. 

Are you unhappy with the way you look?
Consider my attention caught.

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to earn a good sum of money and be featured in a commercial ad for Hydroxycut by losing weight?
Um... would anyone seriously answer no to that question!?

If so, email us a few pictures of yourself, your age, height, current weight, and the weight you would like to become.
click, click, click....send.

Before I even finished sending my admission I had already forgotten about it. This is how actors learn to cope with constant rejection. You train yourself to forget about everything you audition and submit for; that way when you receive a call back, it's a pleasant surprise! Anyways....

A week ago, as I was checking my email I noticed what looked to be a spam (that I'm thankful I didn't delete). It was the from the good people at Hydroxycut. They had received my email and thought I could possibly be a candidate for their new campaign. I was given a time to come in for a call back.

After many embarrasing, yet exciting events that followed (if you want a detailed account just call me and I'll tell you) I was offered a 'contract' to participate in the program. Basically I am a spokesperson for the new brand of diet pills called Xenadrine Ultra. 

These pills are completely safe and a great way to jumpstart a diet if you want!

I receive the pills each month along with a coach who will be my confidant during the process.I was given the opportunity to attend a nutrition class (taught by the very lovely and wise Adele Fridman) and a $100 gift card to whole foods to start this process off correctly!  If I make enough progress, and lose the amount of weight which is my goal, then I receive a monetary compensation, and a possible chance to be in a commercial for them!

These people saw something in me. They saw a potential in me that i've been struggling to find in myself. They were so kind, so understanding, and completely motivating. 

Everything aside, what really excites me is the opportunity to finally become what I've always known my potential is. People always say "Courtney you don't need to lose weight... you're beautiful the way you are." Thank you for anyone who thinks this. I really appreciate having such wonderful people in my life. However, the point is: 
I need to be happy with the way I look and the way I feel.
I need to be healthy and fit.
I need to be able to love myself.

Over the next several months I will be updating you on the weight loss, the program and any tips that I find inspiring... I invite you to join with me if this is something you are struggling with as well. 

The point is, we all deserve to live up to our potential. This is the week to figure out those goals, create a plan, and begin execution! We all have such divine potential!