Words of Wisdom

Today i was reading out of a church magazine called The Ensign, and came across an article that struck me to the core! It's called "Becoming a Quality Person NOW" written by Elder Marvin J. Ashton.

In it he talks about how "A quality life is God's greatest wish for us. Life is to be lived well in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. There should not be a waiting period...."

He also said "The personal challenge is not to wait successfully but to live richly, fully and joyfully. The goal is not to wait for the right person, but to be the right person".

Another great point he made was that "the real fun of life is in overcoming obstacles while still happily hoping everything will work out... I freely admit that living with my dreams unfulfilled has proven to be a softening, and humbling influence because it's been so hard. But the anchor is at hand, and because it is, I can progress."

Lastly he says "Regroup, if that's what is needed. Do not wait. Rather fill your life with service, education, personality development, love for all, and other such meaningful traits. Live with purpose each day."

What beautiful advice for everyone, no matter what point in your life you are in! It's never to late to take full advantage of this life God has given you. Don't feel regret or guilt for things in the past. Move forward with faith that God is there and he loves you! Happy Monday :)

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