Do what you love and love what you do....

Tonight I had a wonderful opportunity to taste of the great underground artist scene in New York.  A guy I work with invited me and a few other people to see his band play their first gig. My new friends Amber, Bianca and I decided to go, and were pleasantly surprised to find what awaited us! We were given an address and told to head to the rooftop of 218 West 110th Street. As we wound up the spiral staircase towards our destination, we could hear shouting and screaming. We exchanged nervous looks but continued to press forward. As we emerged onto a rooftop over looking the upper west side of Manhattan, we found ourselves amongst a versatile group of artists. Two women were doing an interpretive reading of a work about powerful black women. Dozens of acts followed in what turned out to be a very inspiring evening. There were at least six or seven poets- some amazing and others average. There was a very mediocre comedian, a couple rappers, and a man who did a full Indian spiritual dance. A few awesome musical acts followed and an interpretive modern dancer rounded out the evening.

There we all were, sitting on a rooftop watching these phenomenal people express themselves. They were all doing what they loved to do and it was a pleasure to watch them do it.

We are all given talents. 

Depending on how we harvest these talents, it's safe to say that some people are plainly better than others. This doesn't mean however, that they are more gifted. It didn't matter that some of the poets tonight were better than others, because the pleasure came from watching them love what they were doing.

God gives us all talents to touch other people's lives and we should become mindful of what those are! I'm grateful for the talents I have been given, and the talents others have been given that bless my life daily!



2 Things that are currently annoying me:

1. Couples who show too much PDA- PLEASE STOP MAKING OUT IN PUBLIC!

2. Having a losing baseball team. COME ON MARINERS, YOURE KILLIN ME!


Little facts about my current state....

Ok. Here are some things that have been stirring up the life of Courtney recently, that I feel are necessary for y'all to know!

1. I am currently reading Harry Potter for the first time. And..... i'm obsessed. My family read the books while they were first coming out; however, being too focused on other things I declined to read them until now. I wanted something fun for the start of spring- something to read outside in the park casually. I regret to inform you that I now spend every waking moment I can reading these books! It's been a month and i'm already half way through the 3rd book! I love it!

2. I am tentatively scheduled to mark the first thing off my bucket list and go skydiving Tuesday May 18th! Holler!

3.I have recently become obsessed with my roommate Jeremy's dog, Belle. She is A-DORABLE!

I mean seriously.... look at that FACE!!!!! -------------------)

4. I get to talk to my sister tomorrow ( Mother's Day) for the first time since Christmas! She is serving a mission for the LDS church and we can only contact her through email and letter. I CANT WAIT!

5. I finally received my passport in the mail today... my friend Amber suggested we put a mark in it as soon as possible, so i believe we'll be catching a bus up to Canada. Watch out world here I come! 

6. Today at work, I had to marry the Tabasco bottles together and got Tabasco sauce in my eye. I immediately ran to the bathroom to use some water to pacify my wound. After a couple of splashes Amber informed me that water makes it worse- which I was experiencing. Note to all: Don't ever get Tabasco in your eye.

7. I want to be a hippie for the summer (minus the sex, drugs and alcohol).