The End of My Harry Potter Journey

Less than 15 minutes ago I completed the reading all 7 of the Harry Potter Books for the first time. As I type this blog post I am still wiping free flowing tears from my eyes and can't help but feel a surge of different emotions!

What an absolutely outstanding series of books. I have never been so captivated by a story before, so enthralled by a person's talent to tell a tale, and utterly felt so much for a group of fictional characters! 

This isn't just a silly children's story, it's a touching tale of friendship, love, good vs. evil, and overall one of the best forms of creativity I've beheld.

I grew to love these characters so much. I cared for their well being and as silly as it sounds, I became head over heels engrossed in their magical world.

I've always known I was a little dramatic (stories tend to really effect me emotionally sometimes) however, I've never been ashamed of it because, well, I'm an actress- it's my job to be dramatic :) These books however, have engulfed me for life. This will not be the last time I read this series and I will definitely share them with my children. The life lessons and pure entertainment you can gain from these books are worth every minute of your time!

Even though I was slow to catch onto the craze of it all, I am now a Harry Potter fan for life !

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