I don't understand...

I can't wrap my mind around my own mind right now.

These are the thoughts that have been swirling around in this head of mine for the past few days, and other than the cold I am currently suffering from, it's making my head hurt.

1. I want to be an actor... but it's so much to battle for me I just don't know if I can do it.

2. I hate that I am surrounded by selfish people. I hate that my friends whom I want to be surrounded by have husbands and don't plausibly have time for me. I hate that people won't even know i'm feeling this way because they won't take the time to ask how I am doing.

3. I hate being sick.

4. I hate my life right now. I'm swimming in a confused sea of thoughts, feelings and such sadness.

5. I just want to leave. I want to leave New York and start all over again... it stinks that there isn't a re-do button in life.

6. I wish people understood that when you tell someone you don't enjoy their art, you are saying in so many words, you don't enjoy them.

7. I hate that i'm so dramatic.

8. I really hate that i'm so dramatic.

9. I so badly want someone in my life who cares enough about me, to make my feelings a priority. I'm no ones priority and that's a lonely place to be.

10. I hate facebook, but it's a good networking tool... eugh... I really hate facebook though.

This post isn't meant to ignite pity or worry, it's just how I feel and if I don't throw it out there in the universe, if I don't tell someone, i'm going to scream.

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