What's your fruit?

Today was a rather dull day at work. So to spruce things up, we decided to start playing a game called "what fruit are you?" We decided quickly that Andre was an vibrant orange, and that Ursula was a subdued plum.

Allowing no time for other's to think of his fruit, my friend Corey said "I'm a prune". 

"A prune? Why on earth would you call yourself a prune?!"

"Because" he responded,  "At first I am really great and over time I shrivel up and become shrewd. Also, I make people run. And let's face it- I'm only good in small doses." 

He smiled, and walked away as all of us burst into laughter! Only Corey would be so blunt.

A few minutes later as we all once again gathered around the bar, someone said "what fruit is Courtney?" Corey didn't miss a beat.

"She's a mango. A ripe and juicy mango just waiting to be harvested- girl get yourself a husband cause you are SOOOO ready to be married!"

I'm beginning to think Corey's talent for guessing people's fruit is dead on ;)

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  1. i just followed a link on Facebook to your blog. I have been reading some of your entries and have smiled so much!
    This, my friend - whom I will miss greatly and with much fondness, was a good day!! Thanks for reminding me of it!