Overview of the past 2 days...

Last night I had the most wonderful dream.

 I was at church being introduced to a man. I asked him what his favorite sport was as we walked to Sunday School. "Baseball" he replied. 

"Ooh right answer! I'm gonna keep you around for awhile! " I flirtatiously responded.

Next thing I know we are in some room with a group of people and we are holding hands and then I remember us cuddling.

I felt such happiness during that whole dream. As I opened my eyes and rolled over the feelings quickly faded to annoyance as I realized it was all just a dream.
Then I laid in bed the whole day and felt sorry for myself HAHAHA!

Also I finished watching the whole series Veronica Mars on Hulu. Such a good show and it's such a shame it was pre-maturly canceled. The last episode is such a let down!

 Last but not least, I fell down the stairs yesterday at work. It was an odd way to fall but let's just say the wind was knocked out of me and I now have a bruised elbow, bruised rib and my whole left hip hurts hahaha. I am so clumsy sometimes! The minute I got up I started giggling. What's wrong with me ? 



At the beginning of August I was able to take a wonderful 10 day vacation to help pick my sister up from her Mission in Rochester NY. It was a great experience and here are a few random pictures from along the way!

*I met my Mom and David in Philly to tour some of the historical sites. Here we are waiting for our turn to tour Independence Hall.

         *Here is the Liberty Bell:

*Our trip was filled with lots of laughing and way to much silliness! When you get my brother, sister and I together, we act like a bunch of 12 year olds!! Here is David in the hotel room trying to go to sleep. I was laughing so hard I was crying at the way he sleeps...

(Sorry the angle is weird)

*After Philly, we all drove up to NYC and stayed in my apartment! I showed the family around NYC including a Yankees game (our family hates the Yankees but it was the Sox vs. Yankees game... who is gonna say no to that?), Little Italy for dinner, and Times Square at night!

As you can see David and I are wearing our Mariner's hats. Can't ever take the chance that someone might get confused where our allegiance lies!

*Corrine had just wrapped up 18 months of serving the people of Rochester for an LDS mission. Basically meaning she spends 18 months preaching the word of God and helping those in need. She only can email once a week and isn't allowed to go to the movies, listen to popular music etc... She literally was in full 24/7 service of God!  The cool thing about this trip was that Corrine didn't know my Mom and Dad were coming. She thought that David and I were picking her up. So after David and I arrived at the Mission President's house and had our reunion, we led Corrine to the cars with her luggage, only to be surprised by my Mom and Dad hiding behind the side of the house!! This is her surprise face as she screamed out "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

Dad and Corrine newly reunited!!

Here is a picture of Corrine and I in the car on the way to the church historical sites. Corrine served at the Whitmer farm, Palmyra, and the Sacred Grove (which includes the Smith family farm). It was great because she got to take us on our own personal tours!

                                                                                                David and I on top of the Hill Cumorah!

Here is a picture of Corrine in the Sacred Grove. I'm so thankful for my wonderful sister and the example she is to me. What a truly wonderful woman she has become!!

After seeing the sites, we drove back down to North Carolina. I was able to spend 4 more days there and visit with my family and a few friends. Overall it was a wonderful (and much needed) vacation from New York City!


The Curious Case of Faux

A few months ago, while reading Harry Potter, my fish BJ died. It was a short period of mourning seeing as how the next day I found a Petsmart in Manhattan and set off to buy a new fish.

She caught my eye immediately. As I looked at her, she swam up to me and met my finger on the glass. I was sold. Due to her bright red color and appealing 'good nature' I named her Faux, after Dumbledore's pheonix in Harry Potter. 

The past couple months have been filled with joy having Faux in my life. I spent the last 1o days out of town and asked my roommate Katie to feed her while I was absent.

Upon my return, Katie met me with a guilty expression.

"I've got some bad news"

"What is it?" I 

"I think I killed Faux"


"I realized this morning that I hadn't fed Faux since Friday so I ran out of bed into your room and... well... she wasn't there."

"What do you mean?"

"I put some food in the bowl hoping she'd re-appear, but she didn't and I think she may be dead"

"Hmmm..." I thought out loud, "It's ok Katie, it's a $5 fish and I bet she is just hiding in the rocks at the bottom of the bowl."

As I entered into my room, the bowl was seemingly empty. I shook the bowl, moved some of the rocks around, and finally dumped the contents out into the kitchen sink. 
Katie and I moved all the furniture in my room around (fearing Faux may have jumped out of the bowl). 
We asked my other roommate Lauren if she knew anything about this weird situation. 

My fish has literally accomplished the sole thing I would devote my life to: teleportation.


Flirtations and Famous people


I get off work Wednesday around 5pm and am making my way across Broadway when I make eye contact with a man walking his bicycle down the street. It wasn't a magical moment by any means and I was exhausted from work, so imagine my surprise when the man with the bicycle fastly approaches my left side.

"Please just smile for me"
Is this seriously his pick up line?

I smiled and continued walking- he followed.

"Ah you're gorgeous! Are you from here?"

"No I'm from North Carolina, but i've been here in the city for 2 years now" I replied.

"Well I was born here but raised in Italy my whole life, and I could have sworn you were a Swedish girl, cause they're the most beautiful in the world"
What gave it away smooth talker? My obviously dyed blonde hair?

"Hmm well i've never gotten that before-" and before I could finish my sentence he pulls his phone out of his pocket and points it at me.

"Come on, give me your number"

"I'm sorry. I won't give you my number for 2 very good reasons. First of all, i'm in a relationship and I don't think my boyfriend would like that (lie) and second of all, I don't give my phone numbers out to random strangers on the streets of NYC."

"Ok, well take my number then"

In an effort to speed this process up as soon as possible, I agreed and took down his name and number. Sam is his name and he didn't stop there.

"You should call me. I'm sexy, i'm good looking, I know how to please a woman and treat her right" 

"Ohhh. Great" I said, wishing more than ever to be out of this conversation.

"Listen" says Sam. "I don't wish for many things, but I sure wish you would call me tonight"

As soon as he said this I tried my hardest to refrain from rolling my eyes and stuck out my hand for a 'good-bye shake'.

"It was nice meeting you Sam".

He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a hug, which I consented to. Then on the way out of the hug he kissed me on the cheek, took me by the shoulders, and tried to kiss me on the lips!? Seriously!?

I turned and walked away only to hear him calling after me "call me tonight, I'll be waiting!"



The celebs must be in desperate need of attention, because they have been swarming my neighborhood for the past 2 days. Lists of people I've seen so far:

For 2 days, that ain't bad eh?


The Red Carpet

Today some girlfriends and I were able to go to the Red Carpet Premiere of the new Will Ferrell and Mark Walberg movie 'The Other Guys". 

The girls were approached a week ago to be seat fillers for the premiere and 
of course we all said YES! NYC premiere's are usually done in 2 locations. Either at The Ziegfeld or The Lincoln Square Theatre. 
                                                                                                                    (This one was at The Ziegfeld)
We lined up around the back of the theatre and were given
small cards that had the number of people in our party on them.
Then when the time came closer to enter, we were given our actual tickets. They were lamenated with our assigned seat number on them- so exciting! We all filed into the gorgeous theatre where the concession stands were giving away free sodas, popcorn, pretzels, and water bottles!

The girls and I were on the very front row and had a blast! We didn't see any celebrities before the movie, however after was a celebrity jackpot!
As we filed into the lobby afterwards, there was Mark Walberg and Will Ferrell themselves taking pictures, and signing autographs! I'm not a big fan of asking people for either, so I simply walked by and smiled to myself. Man I would love to be a movie star. We also saw Star Jones (who isn't in the movie) and a few other members of the cast!

(Me holding up my ticket)                

The movie was pretty good. Definitely funny, however I can't say it would be worth the $13 ticket in the movie theatre. This one is perfect for Netflix!

Here is a link to the pictures of the actual Red Carpet. It's crazy to think I was chillin in the movie theatre with these guys!

Two Down and forty one to go!

Yesterday I completed another thing off my bucket list... to become a blonde! 

So far I can say i'm loving it, but the question at hand is- do blonde's really have more fun?


"How can people be so heartless,
How can people be so cruel
Easy to be Hard
Easy to be Cold

How can people have no feelings,
How can they ignore their friends,
Easy to be proud,
Easy to say no."

I don't understand what makes us innately prone to hurt other people. We are selfish, rude, awful people sometimes. Recently I've been made actutely aware of how people hurt others in all facets. Whether it's a snide remark to a spouse, or an unnecessary chastisement of a child, physical or mental abuse, gossiping, judging looks... it all helps make this earth miserable.

I'm going to try really hard over the next week to choose love. 

It's going to be hard, but I don't want to contribute anymore evil and heartache to this world than there already is.