Overview of the past 2 days...

Last night I had the most wonderful dream.

 I was at church being introduced to a man. I asked him what his favorite sport was as we walked to Sunday School. "Baseball" he replied. 

"Ooh right answer! I'm gonna keep you around for awhile! " I flirtatiously responded.

Next thing I know we are in some room with a group of people and we are holding hands and then I remember us cuddling.

I felt such happiness during that whole dream. As I opened my eyes and rolled over the feelings quickly faded to annoyance as I realized it was all just a dream.
Then I laid in bed the whole day and felt sorry for myself HAHAHA!

Also I finished watching the whole series Veronica Mars on Hulu. Such a good show and it's such a shame it was pre-maturly canceled. The last episode is such a let down!

 Last but not least, I fell down the stairs yesterday at work. It was an odd way to fall but let's just say the wind was knocked out of me and I now have a bruised elbow, bruised rib and my whole left hip hurts hahaha. I am so clumsy sometimes! The minute I got up I started giggling. What's wrong with me ? 

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