The Curious Case of Faux

A few months ago, while reading Harry Potter, my fish BJ died. It was a short period of mourning seeing as how the next day I found a Petsmart in Manhattan and set off to buy a new fish.

She caught my eye immediately. As I looked at her, she swam up to me and met my finger on the glass. I was sold. Due to her bright red color and appealing 'good nature' I named her Faux, after Dumbledore's pheonix in Harry Potter. 

The past couple months have been filled with joy having Faux in my life. I spent the last 1o days out of town and asked my roommate Katie to feed her while I was absent.

Upon my return, Katie met me with a guilty expression.

"I've got some bad news"

"What is it?" I 

"I think I killed Faux"


"I realized this morning that I hadn't fed Faux since Friday so I ran out of bed into your room and... well... she wasn't there."

"What do you mean?"

"I put some food in the bowl hoping she'd re-appear, but she didn't and I think she may be dead"

"Hmmm..." I thought out loud, "It's ok Katie, it's a $5 fish and I bet she is just hiding in the rocks at the bottom of the bowl."

As I entered into my room, the bowl was seemingly empty. I shook the bowl, moved some of the rocks around, and finally dumped the contents out into the kitchen sink. 
Katie and I moved all the furniture in my room around (fearing Faux may have jumped out of the bowl). 
We asked my other roommate Lauren if she knew anything about this weird situation. 

My fish has literally accomplished the sole thing I would devote my life to: teleportation.


  1. BHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is all.

  2. dang, i bet petsmart didn't know they sold you a teleporting fish for only 5 BUCKS!!! maybe you're fish will come back... you should leave the bowl out in plain sight just in case