Flirtations and Famous people


I get off work Wednesday around 5pm and am making my way across Broadway when I make eye contact with a man walking his bicycle down the street. It wasn't a magical moment by any means and I was exhausted from work, so imagine my surprise when the man with the bicycle fastly approaches my left side.

"Please just smile for me"
Is this seriously his pick up line?

I smiled and continued walking- he followed.

"Ah you're gorgeous! Are you from here?"

"No I'm from North Carolina, but i've been here in the city for 2 years now" I replied.

"Well I was born here but raised in Italy my whole life, and I could have sworn you were a Swedish girl, cause they're the most beautiful in the world"
What gave it away smooth talker? My obviously dyed blonde hair?

"Hmm well i've never gotten that before-" and before I could finish my sentence he pulls his phone out of his pocket and points it at me.

"Come on, give me your number"

"I'm sorry. I won't give you my number for 2 very good reasons. First of all, i'm in a relationship and I don't think my boyfriend would like that (lie) and second of all, I don't give my phone numbers out to random strangers on the streets of NYC."

"Ok, well take my number then"

In an effort to speed this process up as soon as possible, I agreed and took down his name and number. Sam is his name and he didn't stop there.

"You should call me. I'm sexy, i'm good looking, I know how to please a woman and treat her right" 

"Ohhh. Great" I said, wishing more than ever to be out of this conversation.

"Listen" says Sam. "I don't wish for many things, but I sure wish you would call me tonight"

As soon as he said this I tried my hardest to refrain from rolling my eyes and stuck out my hand for a 'good-bye shake'.

"It was nice meeting you Sam".

He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a hug, which I consented to. Then on the way out of the hug he kissed me on the cheek, took me by the shoulders, and tried to kiss me on the lips!? Seriously!?

I turned and walked away only to hear him calling after me "call me tonight, I'll be waiting!"



The celebs must be in desperate need of attention, because they have been swarming my neighborhood for the past 2 days. Lists of people I've seen so far:

For 2 days, that ain't bad eh?

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  1. What the what?!?! I love it!! That's an awesome story, thanks for sharing! (: