At the beginning of August I was able to take a wonderful 10 day vacation to help pick my sister up from her Mission in Rochester NY. It was a great experience and here are a few random pictures from along the way!

*I met my Mom and David in Philly to tour some of the historical sites. Here we are waiting for our turn to tour Independence Hall.

         *Here is the Liberty Bell:

*Our trip was filled with lots of laughing and way to much silliness! When you get my brother, sister and I together, we act like a bunch of 12 year olds!! Here is David in the hotel room trying to go to sleep. I was laughing so hard I was crying at the way he sleeps...

(Sorry the angle is weird)

*After Philly, we all drove up to NYC and stayed in my apartment! I showed the family around NYC including a Yankees game (our family hates the Yankees but it was the Sox vs. Yankees game... who is gonna say no to that?), Little Italy for dinner, and Times Square at night!

As you can see David and I are wearing our Mariner's hats. Can't ever take the chance that someone might get confused where our allegiance lies!

*Corrine had just wrapped up 18 months of serving the people of Rochester for an LDS mission. Basically meaning she spends 18 months preaching the word of God and helping those in need. She only can email once a week and isn't allowed to go to the movies, listen to popular music etc... She literally was in full 24/7 service of God!  The cool thing about this trip was that Corrine didn't know my Mom and Dad were coming. She thought that David and I were picking her up. So after David and I arrived at the Mission President's house and had our reunion, we led Corrine to the cars with her luggage, only to be surprised by my Mom and Dad hiding behind the side of the house!! This is her surprise face as she screamed out "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

Dad and Corrine newly reunited!!

Here is a picture of Corrine and I in the car on the way to the church historical sites. Corrine served at the Whitmer farm, Palmyra, and the Sacred Grove (which includes the Smith family farm). It was great because she got to take us on our own personal tours!

                                                                                                David and I on top of the Hill Cumorah!

Here is a picture of Corrine in the Sacred Grove. I'm so thankful for my wonderful sister and the example she is to me. What a truly wonderful woman she has become!!

After seeing the sites, we drove back down to North Carolina. I was able to spend 4 more days there and visit with my family and a few friends. Overall it was a wonderful (and much needed) vacation from New York City!

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