Chain letters....

Tagging someone to fill out a survey, to me, is like a chain letter used to be. I have projected the idea that it's bad luck not to fill them out. So here it goes! This one is from Mishy's blog!

1. Milk Chocolate or dark chocolate?
 Milk. milk. milk. Dark chocolate tastes like i'm eating dirt.

2. What's your favorite color?
Green (although i'm loving purple right now!)

3. Do you have any creative hobbies?
Yes! I love to write music (you can youtube some of my videos on youtube!) play the guitar and piano, and love writing in general. I love painting- even though i'm really bad at it, and think decorating for the seasons on a strict budget is a creative hobby in and of itself!

4.What was your favorite subject in school?
Chorus class for 2 reasons: I always had a crush on someone in that class, and I love to sing! Also english- nothing better than a debate after reading a book!

5.What is your favorite season and why?
There is no way I can choose. Right now it's fall- because it's fall. Here are some of the reasons I love all 4...

Summer- the 4th of July is my favorite Holiday, swimming, camping, vacations, Mr. Softee truck in NYC, free outdoors events

Fall- the leaves changing colors, the smell of a crisp morning, awesome holidays, fall tv returns

Winter- snow snow snow! 

Spring- no more snow! no more snow! Flowers, and rain

6. Who inspires you to sing like crazy when no one is around?
Any act 1 ballad from a musical, any current popular favorite :)

7. What's your favorite dessert? Can you make it?
Pie and Vanilla Ice cream. Heck no.

8. How did you learn to cook?
Still haven't.

I'm not tagging anyone!



Just a quick update on the alien that's been growing on my head:

Yesterday I went to the doctor and even though my appointment was at 2pm, I wasn't seen until 4:15. Also, tack on another 35 minutes of waiting because I arrived early for my appointment. I explained my condition to the 5th year resident and she consulted with 'the boss'. After the boss examined me, they discussed and came to the conclusion that they were going to make an incision, extract as much of the liquid inside as possible and then see me again in a week. After that there will be two options: leave it alone because it's healing properly or go in for a 'O.R.- IV in the arm- passed out- surgery' to remove the whole thing. Lets all pray it's option 1, for my bank accounts sake. She stuck 4 needles in my head and pumped it full of anesthesia and placed a cloth over my head only leaving a 3 inch radius open where the wound was. It wasn't painful this time (except for the needles) and it took less than 30 minutes to finish. 

I felt fine, made an appointment for next week, and went outside on the steps to call my mom. As I was talking to her, tears started flowing down my face. I started giggling and said "I don't know why I want to cry, but I do!" I proceeded to giggle myself into a cab (I wasn't going to walk 35 blocks home under the influence of anesthesia) and half way home started crying again because I saw a man carrying roses and thought to myself 'I wish someone would bring me roses!' Friends started calling me and laughing because their Mormon friend Courtney was finally understanding what it felt like to be drunk (except from anesthesia). I don't remember a lot of what I said, but I do remember dear, sweet Krista coming over to take care of me and us having a lot of laughs about nothing. Oh the wonders of modern medicine!


Oy vey!

Two years ago, while doing a show called The Boyfriend, I developed what the doctors thought was an ingrown hair (from wearing wigs). It is on the left side of my forehead along my hair line. It's basically been a non-growing lump that just sits there. I got it checked out a year and a half ago by a dermatologist who said it would not cause any problems, I could get it removed if I wasn't happy with how it looked. 

Well, she was wrong. Now it's infected (I guess), has tripled in size, and has swollen the entire Left Side of my head. I look like Frankenstein. It gives me a constant headache and can't be touched without throbbing with pain. I went to the ER yesterday where they took a sample (by sticking a huge needle in it), dried to squeeze the puss out of it, and then told me to come back Thursday to remove it. I have never felt such pain in my life!! Then again, Ive never given birth. 

Basically- my head hurts, there is a huge lump on the left side of it that is causing everything else to swell  (I can't raise my left eyebrow) and I don't have any insurance. Life is great right now.


Fall, a fake, and family history!


I absolutely love the fall. There is something in the air as the weather starts to cool down that excites me! Labor Day weekend was a wonderful start to cooler weather with a beautiful cloudless and sunny sky. I don't think it got past 78 degrees either! Before work I sat on one of the benches on riverside drive (which is located along the Hudson river all the way down the West side of Manhattan) and read a book. Such a great day!

As I was walking home from work the other day, I happened to look to my left and saw this:

I literally glanced over, did a double take, walked half a block laughing to myself, turned around, and walked back to take a picture. It's not real (obviously) it's a cardboard cut out of a baby. Sigh- oh New York City.

I've been watching episodes of the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? recently and have fallen in love with it! For those of you who don't know, this show takes a celebrity (like Spike Lee) and helps them uncover their family history. There is always some kind of mystery that is solved by the end of the show. It's heart warming, entertaining and a little bit of a history lesson at the same time. They have all 7 episodes on Hulu and are returning in the fall for more! 


Random thoughts...

I am so glad that it is September! 

I really do have an appreciation for all seasons, but Fall is quickly turning into my new favorite!! I love the trees changing colors, the fall clothes, Football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Sigh... it makes me excited just thinking about it!

There is still no sign of my disappearing fish- i've left the tank full of water in hopes that he will teleport back into it.

Lately i've been very grateful for true friends.  It's hard to come by a group of people who will continue to inspire you, love you, and support you. I feel like right now I have a great group of people surrounding me. Some friends come and go (which doesn't mean your love for them dies, it simply means they were meant for a season of your life) but if you're lucky, you'll have a few that continue to stick around. 

I really have an appreciation for my family and the relationship I have with them as well. My brother and sister are out of this world awesome and my parents/ step parents show me so much love it's hard to imagine getting through this life without them!

Hope everyone is having a great week and is excited for Labor Day!