Fall, a fake, and family history!


I absolutely love the fall. There is something in the air as the weather starts to cool down that excites me! Labor Day weekend was a wonderful start to cooler weather with a beautiful cloudless and sunny sky. I don't think it got past 78 degrees either! Before work I sat on one of the benches on riverside drive (which is located along the Hudson river all the way down the West side of Manhattan) and read a book. Such a great day!

As I was walking home from work the other day, I happened to look to my left and saw this:

I literally glanced over, did a double take, walked half a block laughing to myself, turned around, and walked back to take a picture. It's not real (obviously) it's a cardboard cut out of a baby. Sigh- oh New York City.

I've been watching episodes of the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? recently and have fallen in love with it! For those of you who don't know, this show takes a celebrity (like Spike Lee) and helps them uncover their family history. There is always some kind of mystery that is solved by the end of the show. It's heart warming, entertaining and a little bit of a history lesson at the same time. They have all 7 episodes on Hulu and are returning in the fall for more! 

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