Oy vey!

Two years ago, while doing a show called The Boyfriend, I developed what the doctors thought was an ingrown hair (from wearing wigs). It is on the left side of my forehead along my hair line. It's basically been a non-growing lump that just sits there. I got it checked out a year and a half ago by a dermatologist who said it would not cause any problems, I could get it removed if I wasn't happy with how it looked. 

Well, she was wrong. Now it's infected (I guess), has tripled in size, and has swollen the entire Left Side of my head. I look like Frankenstein. It gives me a constant headache and can't be touched without throbbing with pain. I went to the ER yesterday where they took a sample (by sticking a huge needle in it), dried to squeeze the puss out of it, and then told me to come back Thursday to remove it. I have never felt such pain in my life!! Then again, Ive never given birth. 

Basically- my head hurts, there is a huge lump on the left side of it that is causing everything else to swell  (I can't raise my left eyebrow) and I don't have any insurance. Life is great right now.


  1. this is horrible. what a pain, literally. let us know how things turn out.

    oh, and i really want to see a picture...is that gross?

  2. GIRL! I can send you a picture if you want... but it's disgusting!