Random thoughts...

I am so glad that it is September! 

I really do have an appreciation for all seasons, but Fall is quickly turning into my new favorite!! I love the trees changing colors, the fall clothes, Football season, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Sigh... it makes me excited just thinking about it!

There is still no sign of my disappearing fish- i've left the tank full of water in hopes that he will teleport back into it.

Lately i've been very grateful for true friends.  It's hard to come by a group of people who will continue to inspire you, love you, and support you. I feel like right now I have a great group of people surrounding me. Some friends come and go (which doesn't mean your love for them dies, it simply means they were meant for a season of your life) but if you're lucky, you'll have a few that continue to stick around. 

I really have an appreciation for my family and the relationship I have with them as well. My brother and sister are out of this world awesome and my parents/ step parents show me so much love it's hard to imagine getting through this life without them!

Hope everyone is having a great week and is excited for Labor Day!

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