Just a quick update on the alien that's been growing on my head:

Yesterday I went to the doctor and even though my appointment was at 2pm, I wasn't seen until 4:15. Also, tack on another 35 minutes of waiting because I arrived early for my appointment. I explained my condition to the 5th year resident and she consulted with 'the boss'. After the boss examined me, they discussed and came to the conclusion that they were going to make an incision, extract as much of the liquid inside as possible and then see me again in a week. After that there will be two options: leave it alone because it's healing properly or go in for a 'O.R.- IV in the arm- passed out- surgery' to remove the whole thing. Lets all pray it's option 1, for my bank accounts sake. She stuck 4 needles in my head and pumped it full of anesthesia and placed a cloth over my head only leaving a 3 inch radius open where the wound was. It wasn't painful this time (except for the needles) and it took less than 30 minutes to finish. 

I felt fine, made an appointment for next week, and went outside on the steps to call my mom. As I was talking to her, tears started flowing down my face. I started giggling and said "I don't know why I want to cry, but I do!" I proceeded to giggle myself into a cab (I wasn't going to walk 35 blocks home under the influence of anesthesia) and half way home started crying again because I saw a man carrying roses and thought to myself 'I wish someone would bring me roses!' Friends started calling me and laughing because their Mormon friend Courtney was finally understanding what it felt like to be drunk (except from anesthesia). I don't remember a lot of what I said, but I do remember dear, sweet Krista coming over to take care of me and us having a lot of laughs about nothing. Oh the wonders of modern medicine!

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