Mormon Mafia

Every Mormon knows the phrase "Mormon Mafia". And if you're a Mormon and you've never heard it... shame on you.

The last time I used the phrase was to explain why 12 men in shirts, ties, and name tags showed up to help me and my roomates move into our new apartment. 

My friend Sam was excited that he almost had enough people for a baseball team called 'The Elders', until I explained to him that missionaries couldn't just go play baseball whenever they wanted. We all had a lot of laughs about the Mormon's always having other Mormon's backs etc etc. 

This didn't become a truly touching phrase until tonight.

I was cut early at work and could have easily left at 11pm. However, I saw my friend Andre get slammed with several tables and decided to go help out and take an order for him. I approached a table of 6 women and cheerfully asked if they were ready to order. Before anyone could speak, one of the girls said "are you wearing a CTR ring?" (For all you non Mormon's out there, these initials stand for Choose The Right- it's kind of the Mormon version of What Would Jesus Do.)

"Yes!" I replied.
"Are you Mormon?"
"I am!" I said enthusiastically. "Are y'all?"
"We are!"

They were from New Mexico on their 10th annual girls weekend, visiting one of their friends who lives here in New York City. They were so excited to hear about my life in the city and were even more thrilled at the news that I am currently preparing to serve a mission.(Surprise for those of you who don't know yet!)

When Andre approached the table, they gushed about how much they loved me and at the end of the evening, after they had paid, they left me an extra $10 and wrote "Good Luck!" on the check. The eldest of the ladies came right up and gave me a huge hug, kindly whispering "good luck with everything!" in my ear. 

It almost made me cry. I felt so incredibly loved at that moment. Loved by 6 women I had just met and probably will never see again.

I love my Mormon Mafia.

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  1. i love this! it happens everywhere! even, sometimes, in estonia. mormons are everywhere!!! :) glad they made your day, and i'm sooooo excited for you!