I'm an animal lover. From the moment I was able to cognitively form an opinion until my Junior year of high school, all I wanted to be was a veternarian. Even though my career goals have shifted, my love for animals is still in tact. 

Growing up my sister and I both had rodents: a guinea pig, rabbit, hamsters, and mice. Needless to say, seeing a rat in the NYC subway station hardly phases me (if I saw a spider though, I would have a mild heart attack).

Recently while I was laying on my bed, talking to my Mom on the phone, I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. 
"Hold on Mom... there's something in my room"
"There's someone in your room!?!?"
"No Mom, I saw something move and I think...yup... I just saw him again. I have a mouse in my house."
"Aww a mouse! You can name it Tom!"
And this is how Tom entered my life. I now see him several times a day and I'd be lying if I said I was grossed out. I know it's unsanitary (and the thought of not minding a little mouse makes people look at me like i'm some kind of a freak) but he's harmless and cute and i'm a little lazy. However, once the roomates found out they freaked out.  

Katie suggested a sticky trap- I denied. Those traps are completely inhumane! They make the mouse suffer and starve to death. Lauren suggested poison. The last thing I wanted was the mouse eating poision and dying somewhere not to be found. 

So alas, I went to the hardware store today and looked at the options. We could either catch and release him, or use a snap trap. The clerk at the store said if I release Tom into the wild (and by wild I mean Central Park) he will find his way back to his family, and inevitably back into my apartment. I don't know if I believe this guy- he hardly looked like a rodent expert, but his guess was better than mine. 

I have no idea what I was thinking a snap trap looked like- but I was not expecting my life to suddenly become a Ben and Jerry cartoon. I guess with our technology constantly improving, I  am always shocked to find things that have stayed the same. Did you know that snap traps literally still look like this?
I bought a couple packs of them, and made my way home, suddenly feeling very sad. I know Tom shouldn't be in my apartment but is killing him really the answer? Lauren helped me set the trap up in my room, on a piece of newspaper, with some blue cheese seductively crumbled in the prime spot. Lauren could see I was a little distraught.

"I've been thinking. Instead of Tom why don't we call the mouse Bin Laden."

"Bin Laden?" I replied.

"Yea- that way you won't feel so bad about killing him. We're just gonna kill Bin Laden."

So here it is: Bin Laden (the mouse) just like Bin Laden (the terrorist) is being hunted by Americans and is nowhere to be found.


  1. We hope Bin Laden (the mouse) is as good at hiding as Bin Laden (the terrorist)! ~giggle, giggle~

  2. Ok, I laughed out loud when I read the convo between you and your mom. Typical Court and Mother Teresa! =) And, Please don't kill little Tom! That would be so sad! Poor little mousy.