Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to attend a couple very amazing concerts. Even though I wasn't a die hard fan of either of these musicians, it was a unique and wonderful opportunity to see them live.

Where: Yankee Stadium, Brooklyn NY
It was the first time i'd ever been to a rap concert. At first, I fell completely out of place, and then Eminem came out onstage. Here's a video of his entrance. He was like a boxer going into the ring for the biggest fight of his life. He was mesmerizing, passionate, and incredibly articulate while performing. Here are some crappy pictures I took with my cell phone Hahaha...

Kanye West joined Eminem wearing a red jumpsuit, a huge clock and something leopard print. He's talented but so very odd.
Naturally Beyonce appeared to sing a duet with her husband Jay-Z. She was absolutely stunning!
I gained a whole new appreciation and love for these artists during this concert, and developed a huge crush on Eminem. Trust me when I say, he was the best performer i've ever seen live.

2. Elton John and Leon Russell
Where: Beacon Theatre, NYC
My dear friend Martha works for Good Morning America. They were doing a segment with Elton John an Leon Russell who were promoting their newest cd together. Martha called me up and asked if I wanted to see Sir Elton John in concert. DUH! The only catch was that it was at 6am... not a problem in my book.

They were performing on Good Morning America so the 'gang' was all there to do interviews and enjoy the show.

Leon Russell is older than dirt, and takes about 5 minutes just to walk across the stage. He said about 5 words the whole concert, but when it came time to Rock n' Roll, he sure brought it to the table. I want to be as passionate about something when i'm that old.

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