It's that time of year again... Baseball time!

If you know me, you know that I am a huge Major League Baseball fan. If you know me well, you know that I am a die hard Seattle Mariners fan.

Before you start laughing too hard at my losing team, you may want to understand where this love has stemmed from.

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska on the 10th of March, 1985. Within 2 weeks of my birth, my poor parents packed everything up and moved to Seattle, Washington. My father recounts that within 2 months of moving, we attended our first Mariner's game as a family. That means that I went to my first Seattle Mariners game when I was not even 3 months old! Needless to say, being a Mariner's fan has literally been bred into the fibers of my being.

As my father and I sat in his living room this morning shooting the statistical breeze about the upcoming season, I began recounting what I remember from my childhood as a budding Mariner's fan.

My Great Uncle Graham owned a Mariner's fan shop in downtown Seattle, close to the stadium. We would park my Dad's old Toyota Celica near the shop, stop in for a little while to say hello to Uncle Graham, and begin the short walk to the stadium. I remember the blue striped jersey's lined with Ken Griffey's name, the waxy bright blue hard hats, and oddly enough, I recall the little Moose figurines that I so desperately wanted.
I remember that the Kingdome (the Mariner's old stadium) seemed to my young eyes, a cement spaceship. The huge crowds would be herded like cattle, before and after a game, through the spiral workings of the stadium. I recall holding my fathers giant hand, and walking down the winding pathway from our nosebleed seats.

I also remember the backpack we would continuously bring that was filled with cheaper snack from home. Cracker Jacks, peanut butter filled pretzels, and home cooked popcorn!

Quizzically, I interrupted my own recollections to see what my Dad remembered about that time. He said that he signed me up for the Junior Mariner's Fanclub so he could get the cheaper tickets (apparently you got 3 sets of game tickets in section 301- the family section). We also received a pin every year that we were members. He also remembered that my first few times at a baseball game I was terrified of 'the wave'. Every time it would come around, people would stand up and flail their arms over their head; I would start screaming bloody murder. I have no idea why, but that story made me laugh with such delight today!

Of course we moved away from Seattle and were forced into a life of Triple-A baseball (the Durham Bulls) because NC, SC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee all lack a major league baseball team.

Right after I graduated from High School, my Dad began taking my siblings and I on an annual baseball trip to see the Mariner's play some team in their home town. These trips have been some of the best memories thus far in my life.

Honestly: Who could forget an perfect sunny afternoon game in Boston Massachusetts, on the 4th of July, seeing their favorite team win against a top rated Red Sox...?
Not this girl :)

Baltimore Orioles vs. Mariners

The Journey Home... In Seattle at the new Safeco Field

Washington Nationals vs. The Mariners

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