"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything"

I spent the early part of this refreshing Easter Sunday in church. What better place to celebrate, with loving adoration, the resurrection of our Lord?

There were fabulous talks given about various topics that were all extremely uplifting.
However, during one remarkable lecture on removing yourself from pride, I found an inspiring thought come to my mind.

I used to be an incredibly optimistic person. During my childhood and well into my high school years I had an unbridled optimism for life; although let me be quick to mention, it was an attitude of optimism fueled by ignorance.

Throughout college and due to a series of unfortunate events, I slowly began to lose that child like innocence, and found myself with a negative attitude in the middle of a pessimistic world.

By the time I moved to NYC, I was at my personal rock bottom. After spending 2 1/2 years in the city, I had lost my compassion for other people, my love for myself, and any optimism I once had. I was a realist (as New Yorkers like to call themselves) and did not want to be viewed as ignorant.

Since returning back to NC, and deciding to serve a mission I've felt the desire to have my optimism back. However, I always ended up thinking to myself 'how can you gain optimism through ignorance when you already have knowledge?'

Today in church this thought hit me like a ton of bricks. So much, in fact, that I had to scribble it down in my journal:

"It's time for me to find my optimism. Before I had optimism through ignorance which turned into pessimism with knowledge. How do I go about having knowledge and optimism? God."

The key to having a remarkable attitude and extreme knowledge of the world is through the grace of God. He will give me the strength to have the best of both worlds. He will help me to see the Eternal perspective. In short, I look forward to reaching a point where I can say I am an educated optimist.


  1. "with god, nothing shall impossible"

    luke 1:37

    it was my mission scripture and you wonder where my optimism comes from :)

  2. Beautiful thoughts dear girl. Life is hard, but it is oh, so good. When life gets hard, it is God that helps us see the good and allows us to be optimistic in the face of seemingly unsolvable problems. You are going to be one GREAT missionary! :)

  3. hey! when are you leaving on a mission??? I want your mission address so I can write you. I love writing letters to missionaries. I know how important it is. so let me know. my email address is:jendarmorales@gmail.com