As you could tell from my last blog post, things started off quite awful here in my new transition. After the first 48 hours I was left thinking "why did I ever find this to be a good idea!?"
The good news, however, is that as I continue to settle into life as a west coaster, things continue to get better!
I am now living with our dear family friends, the Ramseys. They reside in the city of Renton (which is about 30 minutes from Seattle) which also happens to be the place I grew up!
This post will only truly resonate with those of you who have moved away from the place that you were raised...
You see, although I spent the first 12 years of my life in Renton, WA; I haven't lived here in over 14 years! As I start making a life for myself here, I can't help but feel that everything is in a weird sort of dejavu. I constantly feel as though I recognize buildings, streets, even stores; but I can't really recall the memories that house them.
On Saturday I had the opportunity to walk right by my old house, through my old neighborhood, and into the Renton Fairwoods Library. It was as if I was in a dream! This was the library my mother used to take us to when I was 5 years old~ and there was something so oddly familiar about it.
I stood at the check out desk chatting with the clerk and I couldn't help but chuckle as I walked out the doors of the library.
Life is so weird sometimes!


Life is just a bowl of cherries

As I walked into the RDU airport, I took in a big deep breath.
"The last 2 times I was here, were not times I wanted to revisit this soon," I thought to myself as I continued to the counter.

Within a matter of minutes, the bags were checked, the ticket was issued, and the security line was passed through.

In the RDU airport there is a little area in between the security check point and the escalator that takes you to all the gates; this area is perfect for waving the final good-bye's to people who may have been visiting, or others you may be leaving.

Tears came to my eyes as I remember the last time I was in this very spot.

I was leaving on my mission. I had already hugged my Mom goodbye, begrudgingly taken a few pictures, and made it through security. As I turned the corner, I was surprised to find my Mom waving at me and snapping more pictures. I had to laugh; partially out of embarrassment, and also out of love. I never knew how proud my Mom was of me until I saw it in her eyes in that moment. I glanced at the security guards, who were finding the scene quite amusing. As I stepped onto the escalator, I simply said "I'm not going to be back for a long time," smiled, and turned around.
I pushed back the thought and moved on; because this time, there was no one there waving.

The flights were hard. I couldn't get comfortable, I couldn't sleep, and everything about me was uneasy. I usually love flying, airports and everything about traveling, but today was different and I couldn't quite pin point why. It didn't help that the seats were uncomfortable, the food tasted bad, and the man sitting next to me had the worst breath I've ever had the unfortunate joy of experiencing.

As the plane began it's final descent into Seattle I wasn't greeted by the skyline I've always loved, but rather by grey clouds filled with droplets of rain.

"I love it when the weather matches my mood," I thought as I leaned back in my seat and prepared for landing.

Upon arriving, I found that the Airtran had mis-marked one of my suitcases and sent it to St. Louis. Might I add- I just bought this luggage set for $300. I was not a happy camper.

Also, I spent the first night hovering over the toilet until 5 am with food poisoning.

I decided to come to Seattle in the hopes that I would get healthy, get happy and find myself. The past 48 hours have been a real reminder that this will not be an easy journey.

I hold on to the fact that I have a Savior who loves me. At this point in my life, this is all that keeps me going. Knowing that there is a plan for my life, and the creator of the universe- of my soul- is steering the ship.