Irrational Fears

Some of you may know that I have a few things that I am completely terrified of. Upon telling most people all my irrational fears, they tell me how ridiculous I am, to which I respond with:

"Isn't that the point of irrational fears? They are, by definition, not rational?"

Here are the top three, listed from most to least severe.

1. Vampires

Seriously, even typing the word gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm sorry there is no picture with this one, but the image search for 'vampires' made my heart rate increase.

Up until my senior year of high school, I slept with the covers wrapped around my neck. I'm not kidding. It could have been 105 Degrees in my bedroom and I still would have had something covering prime biting area.

The most common response to this fear is:

"But Courtney, vampires aren't real."

Listen people, I understand this, I'm not a total idiot.

Last night I had my interest peaked through an interview I read about Brad Pitt, and thought I'd check out the preview for 'Interview With A Vampire'- biggest mistake of the week. I was so terrified after that preview I had to sleep with my hoodie pulled up over my head and tightly tied, so that no Vampire could have access to my neck.

2. Sharks

Many people fear the creatures of the deep, but I am terrified of sharks in the sea, in a lake, in a river, even in the bathtub. Ok, not actually in the bathtub, but every other water where I can't see my toes is game.

I have this theory at the beach that if I can be the person closest to the sand, with a ring of people further out then me, the shark is bound to attack them first giving me time to run into shore. Selfish, I know.

3. Logging trucks

I can thank the Final Destination movies for this fear. It never occurred to me that a log could loose itself and plummet through my windshield and into my skull, before that movie was released. If there is a logging truck, I will be the furthest lane away from it, and pass it as quickly as possible.

What are some of your irrational fears? I ask mainly so you'll respond and i'll feel less ridiculous ;)


  1. Hate to break it to you, but vampires ARE real. Bet you'll sleep great tonight :)

    You know I'm terrified of ET. Just thinking of him makes me get the shivers.~

  2. For me it is definitely a fear of flying. Well, not so much flying, but crashing. I almost need to be sedated to get on a plane!

  3. i'm totally on board with two of the three. i am pretty convinced that sharks live in all open water. i also keep my distance from logging trucks, because of the potential for devastation. i am also terrified of flying (i cry, throw-up, etc...you can confirm with annie). but my very best irrational fear involved portable toilets...or really any toilet you find in nature. i am convinced that snakes live in the depths and that they will bite my behind when i sit down. i just hate the thought. i mean, what would i do...run out with my pants down???

  4. I am completely devoid of all fear.

    But my irrational fear would probably be bees/wasps. A yellow jacket got its way into my apartment earlier this year and never before had I seen three 20 year old men act like such little girls! Scott, Karl, and I were running around passing the fly swatter between each other and swinging wildly all while shrieking.

    This was even hard for me to type out because it brought back the memories.

    Also, when backpacking, i'm convinced that every noise I hear while i'm lying down to sleep is a bear.