Run Forest, Run

Last night I was able to have a wonderful phone conversation with my Mom. We were talking about random things, catching up on each other's lives, when this conversation emerged:
"I had a thought yesterday"
"Oh yea? What was that Mom?"
"You should walk home."
"Excuse me?"
"You know, I was thinking, if you started walking from Seattle to NC, you could lose weight. And you could write a book called 'walking girl' and you could become famous."
"Are you being serious right now? I mean where would I stay? I don't have any money..."
"Oh you could walk to Salt Lake and stay with Grandma, and then.... walk to NC. ~silence~ I mean, Forest Gump did it."
Ladies and Gentlemen, my Mom :)


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! Hahhaahahah....can I play you in the movie version??~

  2. There is a book (fiction, not real!) about a guy who began walking from Seattle to Miami called "The Walk". It's by Richard Paul Evans. Book 1 was great and I have Book 2 but I haven't read it yet. Maybe you should read that before you start out! The author said he drove the route before writing the book so he could name real places along the way. I would love to do that! I just don't have the time or energy!!

  3. Bahaha I love your mom. Ummm walking would be painful, and take forever, and I would worry about you getting kidnapped or something. You could definitely bike though! Get someone to sponsor you (buy your bike and gear) and then you could bike to different national parks and camp across America. Think of all the cool things you would see! Man, I would totally do it with you--if i didn't have a chubbster babe in my belly.

  4. This is fabulous! Your mom is always so cool :)

  5. just do it, don't doubt, your mother told you

  6. your mom is too funny. i love it!