Who Let the Dogs Out?

Living with the Ramseys is like a dream come true. They are loving, supportive, upbeat, and care so deeply for my well being.

Their beautiful house has been in my life longer than any home i've ever had; meaning since I was 5 years old, they've lived at 13629 171st Pl.

I'm an animal lover, as many of you know, so I was thrilled that the Ramseys have the same love. They currently own 3 adorable weenie dogs named Tanta, Woody and Phillip (hahah I know~ who names a dog Phillip?)

This week, they also agreed to dogsit for 2 more dogs. Needless to say, i'm running with a pack of tiny yippy dogs :) This usually would pose a problem, seeing as how I prefer big dogs. ALWAYS. However, they all have their own little unique personalities that constantly keep me giggling.

Let me introduce you:

This is 'old man' Woody. He has a severe over-bite, so he constantly looks like he's a little confused. I was there almost 10 years ago when they picked him up from the Breeder, and am now a part of this Grandpa Dog's daily routine.

This is Leelo...

or 'little weirdo' is what I prefer to call her. I mean look at what I wake up to each morning?

This is Tanta Luigi. She is a princess in every meaning of the word!

This is Gus. He barks at EVERY SINGLE NOISE HE HEARS. Literally.

And Ladies and Gentlemen: Phillip. He is a rescue dog, so he came with the name. He's got me wrapped around his little paw. I love this dog!

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  1. I'm pretty sure Phillip is my favorite!!! I wish Charlie could meet them. My parents' neighbors have weenie dogs and Charlie LOVES them!~