An Ode to My New Sweetheart....

New York City...
"You have bewitched me body and soul"

Upon returning to the city, I found that my love for it
has grown immensely (apparently some of my neighbors feel the same).

In my case, absence DID make the heart
grow fonder :)

I have decided that this 'go round' of living in NYC, I am making the city my lover. NYC has my undivided devotion, and I am going to do nothing but appreciate the lovely things about him...I mean, think about it!

He makes me happy and surprises me with some of my favorite things... like SNOW!

He has a fantastic sense of humor! (Literally a poster on the subway)

He's beautiful...

He's extremely talented...

And he's religious...

Who could ask for anything more? :)

I'll leave you with the wise words of Daddy Warbucks, Annie and Grace from the Musical 'Annie'... they totally get it ;)

"NYC, What is it about you
You're big, You're loud,You're tough.
NYC, I go years without you
Then I Can't get Enough.
Enough of the cab drivers answering back
In the language far from pure.
Enough of frankfurters answering back
Brother, you know you're in NYC
Too busy, Too crazy, Too hot
Too cold, Too late I'm sold
Again On NYC.

What other town has the Empire State
No other town in The whole forty eight
Can half compare To you

You make 'em all postcards
You crowd You cramp
You're still The champ
Amen For NYC
The shimmer of Times Square
The pulse The beat
The drive!Oh, NYC
The whole world keeps coming
By bus By train
You can't Explain
Their yearn
Just got here this morning
Three bucks Two bags
One me
I give you fair warning
Up there In lights I'll be
Go ask the Gershwins or Kaufman and Hart
The place they love the best
Though California pays big for their art
Their fan mail comes addressed to NYC
Tomorrow a penthouse
That's way up high
Tonight The "Y"
Why not It's NYC "