The Human Body...

You know what I think is absolutely ridiculous?

Every single person on this planet has a body... and only one body. No one is clever enough to exchange it, not even the richest person alive can buy a new one. We are all stuck with the body we came into the world with, and it's a part of us until we die. Of course we can alter it in many ways, receive new parts, and we can stretch ourselves to our limits both negatively and positively; however, we're always going to be stuck with the original.

And yet.... the majority of us really know nothing about this sack of bones, muscles and tissues that are with us. I remember a few of the basics from biology and health class, but not enough to really do anything with it. I mean, think about it: We pay other people to tell us what's wrong with our own body. Does anyone else not find that strange?

The more I think about how little I know about myself, the more it bothers me.

You see, i've been sick
now for a month and a half. I'll start to get better and then i'll relapse. I get frustrated because I don't want to be sick, and then i'll throw a pity party because I am; but I never change what I know deep down in my gut is the problem. A Doctor will give me an anti biotic for my cold, or a therapist will recommend anti-depressants for my over lying depression. What's really sad though, is the professionals are providing band aids for what the real underlying problem is (a problem I have yet to take full responsibility for until now) I treat my body like crap.

As I have continued upon a lot of reflection over the past year, i've realized that I want, more than anything, to be someone who is completely in touch with her body. There are a lot of myths out their that need to be proved, a ton of important facts that we as humans need to know about our biggest asset (our body), and even more fantastic fun ways to explore better health: and I intend to find them!

"Our health is our greatest wealth" (as Hill Harper so enthusiastically put it) and I intend to become one of the wealthiest women alive!