Spiritually Minded Sundays

It seems that it is impossible for me to go to church each week, and not leave with something that has deeply touched me. Whether it's an answer to a question I've been pondering, or a reminder of a principle I've been slacking on, or even just an inspirational idea that I yearn to implement into my daily life; I always leave with something rattling around in my mind.

Each Sunday I would love the opportunity to start sharing one of these quick thoughts with you. It's a perfect way for me to solidify what I've learned :)

Today in Sunday school we were talking about having God's "image in our countenance". Or in other words, how we are able to have God etched into the very fibers of our soul.

Aubrey Potter made the most amazing comment that really stuck with me. She said "my roommates and I were discussing earlier in the weekend about how, due to the amount of time we spend together, we've begun to subconsciously pick up some of each other's mannerisms." (I can totally attest to this concept because I feel as though I do the same thing with my friends!) She went on to say that she began to think about how our relationship with God is like that of any of our friends, and the more we build our relationship with our Father in Heaven, the more we will subconsciously pick up His mannerisms as well.

It could be Charity towards our fellow men, or peace during a time of trials, or the blessing of having more patience... the list of positive attributes we can gain from our Savior is a mile long. And just think: we need only cultivate our growing relationship with Him to have some of these traits rub off on us! Super Cool huh?


  1. i've never thought about it like that! I love this! please keep sharing

  2. Such a good idea to write down your thoughts right away!!!