You Never Know...

Tonight's shift started out like any other Monday evening shift would: slow.  We were warned ahead of time that it might not be the most profitable night, so the three other servers and I settled in for a steady night of demanding Upper East Siders.

To say that my first table was rude is an understatement. These ladies pretty much assumed that they could sit wherever they want, demand free food, and treat me as if I was an enslaved servant.  And there was one lady who was the worst of all. She kept telling me I didn't know what I was talking about, that I obviously hadn't worked in this restaurant long, and that I was bothering her and she wanted to talk with my manager. It wasn't very long before my blood began to boil....

Who do these people think they are?

How dare they talk to me like this!

Maybe I should....

Thankfully my ill intented musings were interrupted by my next table of the evening, and boy what an odd pair they made.  It was a table of two gentlemen, the first, a tall African America man in his late 30's, and the other, an 85 year old Caucasian man. They were extremely nice, but kept to themselves most of the evening; so it was to my surprise while dropping off the check, that the younger gentleman stopped me with a question:

"Wanna hear a story?"

"Sure!" I replied (secretly hoping it would give me a reason not talk to the table of ladies.)

"It's a good story," the younger gentleman said with a smile creeping up on his face.

"I love good stories," I said, smiling back.

"So about 15 years ago, in 1997, I installed a unit in THIS guys house."(pointing to his dinner partner)

"What kind of unit?" I asked.

"Just an electrical one. Well, they were so pleased with me and my work, that they asked me to lunch. And do you know I've been to lunch with them every year since then."

"Well that's awful nice!" I replied, assuming that the story had ended.

"Oh that's not the half of it!" He quickly returned. 

"You see, a few years back, after his wife died, we started having dinner once a year, just me and him (pointing to the older gentleman). We were talking one evening, and he asked me where I was from. I told him, and he asked me if that's where I was born. I said yes, and then he asked me what hospital I was born at! When I told him, he said 'well I was a delivery Doctor at that hospital around the time you were born. You should go check your birth records to see if it was me.' And do you know, it was him! This Doctor here not only became my friend, but was the man that delivered me some 40 years ago!"

I had chills running up and down my spine as I looked in the direction of the Doctor. He just simply smiled and said:

"You never know."

Not 15 minutes later, one of the ladies from the rude table pulled me aside. She explained to me that the lady who had been the rudest, had a husband who had had his birthday party here 3 years ago. She went on to say that he had passed away last year, and they were here to celebrate his birthday, which would have been today.

 I was floored. Tears started brimming in my eyes and all I could think in that moment were the Doctor's words ringing in my ear.... you never know.

You never know what kind of storm God is asking someone to go through. Its our job to keep that Christ like attitude despite others that use us. After all, didn't he say to turn the other cheek? You just never know who someone might turn out to be, or what it turns out they are going.


  1. There's a lot of good in the world and you helped create more. thanks for sharing these stories.

  2. great story. good point. there's still no excuse to treat a server rudely.

    personally, i think how you treat servers and others you may not know who are hired to perform a service for you says a lot about your character.

    Of course turning the other cheek is the best attitude and definitely something we could probably all work to be better at.

  3. what an amazing night! wow!

  4. Courtney--still the beautiful, thoughtful girl I've always known I didn't know why you were on my mind this morning, didn't know why I googled to find your blog, but now I know. Thank you for a life-changing story. Can I possibly use it in my talks to the youth in upcoming months. Adore you and your family. Know you always have a home in Cary!

  5. What sweet comments y'all have made- Christy, of course you can use these stories in whatever talks or lessons you want! I miss y'all so much and can't wait to see you over the Christmas holiday!