Oh What A Night~

Tonight, I chose to ring in the new year, working a private party for one of our restaurant's investors. I was blessed to be surrounded by grateful guests, friends, and a DJ playing some pretty awesome music. As I counted down to the new year of 2013, I felt so many things, but among these emotions, I was overwhelmed with excitement for the future... 

I am incredibly thankful to have rung in this new year working hard, dancing, smiling, hugging, observing lovers kissing and skipping down the street,  laughing with my cab driver about the adventures of his evening, and Selena's song "Dreaming of You" (which has been stuck in my head all night).  

If this is any indication of how the rest of the year will be, I can't wait :)

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  1. i'm so glad your back and blogging! and happy new year to you.