Little Miracles...

Lately I have been feeling immensely aware of God's love.

As someone who suffers from depression, there are moments that often seem hopeless, pointless and even unworthy of Divinity's attention. But I believe that God works in mysterious ways, often times through other people.

New York City gets an unfair stereotype. It's assumed that people living here are rude and impatient- too busy to deal with others. I know I am a little biased, but I've found this could not be further from the truth.

To the Elderly Woman who lives in my building, but spends all her spare time sitting on the front steps people watching: Thank you for always greeting me with a resounding "hola linda!"  (which means hello pretty) I look forward to seeing you and your bright pink lipstick stained smile, every day. You are an immediate reminder of love, never failing to put a pep in my step.

To the Women on the Subway last Sunday: I had returned from a day of helping a friend with an event. I had been allowed to take the flower arrangements home with me, and although I could only fit 2 in a huge box, it was a struggle to hold it up on the subway.  You reached out and touched my hand, telling me to place the box on your laps for the remainder of the trip. After much protesting you insisted, and then were kind enough to talk with me the rest of the ride. Your small act of kindness was a sweet reminder that little acts of Charity sometimes make the biggest impact.

To one of my customers last week: You were on a date with your wife, sitting next to a family of 5. They were from North Carolina on a trip to visit their son/brother who was enlisted in the army and home for his birthday. Upon overhearing this you requested that I buy them all dessert, and place the cost on your bill. It was a small $10 gift, that brought tears to their eyes as we sang happy birthday to the soldier. Thank you for showing such love for a complete stranger, and reminding me that you don't have to know someone to truly love them.

And lastly, to Dave: a complete stranger who approached me as I sat in Central Park after my run this morning. He parked his bike right in front of me and began telling me that it was important to want change, and sincerely be open to what it means. He told me to be open to the possibilities of living, and to never close myself off to life. It was the most random interaction I have had in quite sometime, and with a burly tennis teaching/bike riding hippie, nonetheless...but it was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

I'm thankful for life. For the opportunity we have to interact with each other, and be one another's little miracles. We truly are a beautiful part of this earthly existence.

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